Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform visitors about the use of cookies.
We use cookies to make our websites more functional and user-friendly for our visitors, to personalize content and advertisements, to provide social media functions and to analyze their movement.
Below visitors can find more information about what cookies are and how we use them each time they browse our websites, so they can decide whether they want cookies on their device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of software code, which are sent to be stored by our Company's web server on the visitors' terminal equipment, with their basic function of communicating with us using their browser data. Mainly, they contribute to making their navigation experience more efficient. According to the current legal framework, it is permissible to store only the necessary cookies on the visitors' devices for the operation of the websites
Mainly, they contribute to making their navigation experience more efficient. According to the applicable legal framework, it is permissible to store only the necessary cookies on the visitors' devices for the operation of the websites. All other types of cookies require visitor consent.

Categories of cookies

  • Necessary: cookies which are necessary for the basic functions of a website (e.g. session cookie). Without them, it is not possible to provide website services to visitors or the website cannot function properly.
  • "Preferences": cookies that allow the website to "remember" information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, such as the preferred language or region in which visitors are located.
  • "Statistics" (Statistics): cookies which help to understand the interaction of visitors with the website. The collected data is processed and stored anonymously.

Collection and Use of Cookies 

  • All the data we collect from the use of cookies through our websites are processed and stored exclusively in the form of anonymous statistical data and do not bear any direct connection to the person of each visitor.
  • Our Company does not sell or trade data collected in this way.
  • We never use the data collected through cookies to contact our website visitors by mail, email, telephone or other means of communication.
    The respective provider is considered responsible for processing each cookie and is therefore responsible for informing visitors about their transmission to third party recipients. Regarding the cookies provided by Orannge Group Signs & Prints, only the Company itself is the recipient of them.

Consent to accept the above use of cookies

Visitors are informed the first time they enter our websites, with a relevant reference at the bottom of the page, that for their proper operation they only use the necessary cookies.
However, visitors are also given the possibility to choose and accept more categories of cookies (Preferences, Statistics) that they wish, in addition to the Necessary ones.
Detailed descriptions of cookie categories and a detailed report for each of them is provided in the "Cookie Settings" option. In the event that visitors do not select any of the cookie options and continue browsing, then only necessary cookies will be used.

At any time, visitors can disable the use of cookies in their browser settings as described below or change their options via the links "Settings Cookies» which appear as an icon at the bottom left of all subpages of our websites.

Duration – Expiration 
For each cookie used, its duration is indicated in the "COOKIE EXPIRATION" field. Depending on their duration, the cookies used by Orange Group Signs & Prints can be categorized into:
• "Temporarily" (session cookies): cookies that are automatically deleted when visitors close their browser.
• "obsessed" (persistent cookies): cookies that remain permanently stored on the visitors' terminal equipment.
• "Limited Time": cookies that remain stored on the visitors' terminal equipment for a predetermined period of time, e.g. 1 day or 2 years, etc.

In addition, the automatic reappearance of the visitors' consent selection window regarding their preferences (positive or negative) regarding cookies, takes place after one (1) year has passed since their initial choices.

Disabling the use of cookies through browsers
In addition to the options provided to visitors through the "Change Consent" or "Withdraw Consent" links that appear at the bottom left of all subpages of our websites, they can also configure their respective browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari , Safari for iPad and iPhone) that they use to enable or disable the use of cookies.

More information about the general use of cookies and the methods of blocking or limiting them are provided on the websites and

The content of the specific "Cookies Policy" policy can be changed at any time, in order to upgrade the services provided by our websites. For this reason, you must frequently check the content of the specific website, so that you are aware of the policy in force at all times.